Psychic Amersham

Natalie Lewis is a professional psychic, clairvoyant and healer with over 30 years’ experience who lives in Buckinghamshire, near London.

Natalie can help you, giving advice about their past, present and future. Please read more about me here on my website.

Psychic Readings 

  • Tarot cards can be used
  • Your personal guides can be connected to
  • Natalie can tune in to the psychic realms for predictive possibilities.

She will often use a combination of all her skills to give you the very best possible reading.

Specialising in discovering your soul potential and what you came here to do in this lifetime and live your full potential.

We all have a higher purpose and if you have not yet discovered what yours is, then a psychic reading with Natalie will help guide you towards your highest potential. Find out more here

Tarot Readings 

This session will give you an in depth look at different aspects of your life and guidance in the choices and directions that are possible for you. Find out more here

Life Readings 

Life reading consists of looking at your soul path and your highest potentials, and will include health problems, financial, personal, and spiritual problems. Find out more here. 

Spiritual Intuitive Counselling 

You may not feel as if you need a psychic reading, but prefer to have a psycho-spiritual counselling session which allows you to express and work through troubling life issues.

Psychic Night 

Looking for a spiritual & psychic night, private event, coffee morning or girls night in?

Natalie will give private readings individually, to each guest. Find out more here.

Natalie is also a qualified healer:

Healing techniques include:

Visit my website to find out more about these,